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Notes for “Leaving the Church”

1. “Irish potato famine”, The History Place, 2000.

2. Church in an $85 million accord, Boston Globe, 10 September 2003. 

3. Cardinal Law Given Post at Vatican, New York Times, 28 May 2004 

4. Kirchensteuer: Die Geldquellen trocknen aus

1. Die Absetzbarkeit der Kirchensteuer als Sonderausgabe verursachte im Jahr 2009 Steuermindereinnahmen von 2,94 Mrd. Euro. Source: 22. Subventionsbericht der Bundesregierung, S. 79.

2. “Statement on Formal Defections”, Archdiocese of Dublin, 12 October 2010. 

3. Mgr. Gordon Read, MA, BD, JCL, Comment [on the explanation of Omnium in mentum by Archbishop Coccopalmerio, President of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts], “The Society Newsletter”, The Canon Law Society of Great Britain and Ireland, no. 161, March 2010, p. 24.

4. The Archdiocese of Freiburg states that in 2009 church tax brought in 4,903 Milliarde Euros or 4,903,000,000 Euros. Because of differnt number systems that amounts to almost 5 trillion Euros (US), or 5 billion (other countries).

5. “Vatican queried over laws on leaving church”, Irish Times, 2012-02-15.

6. “Count Me Out - Take a stand for church/state separation”,

7. “Vatican reports higher number of Czech Catholics than census”, ČTK (Czech Press Agency), České Noviny, 2009-08-28.

8. The case of Michal Holováč: “Slovak Churches refuse to allow baptised citizens to leave the Church”, Prometheus Society of Slovakia, 2008-03-09.


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