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Notes for Polish Convention (1988)


1. "Interview with Archbishop Giovanni Lajolo" by John L. Allen, Jr., National Catholic Reporter, 14 January 2004.

He is referring to the 2004 New Years' Day message of John Paul II:

2. "History" [of the Holy Family of Nazareth Seminary in Szczecin], Arcybiskupie Wyższe Seminarium Duchowne w Szczecinie.

3. Matthew Day, "Young Poles 'rejecting' Catholicism", Telegraph, 1 Apr 2009.

4. Ryszard M. Zając,  "Konkordatowi - Nie!" [no date, but before ratification of the concordat on 23 February 1997]. Translated by Renata Anderson.,1342/q,Konkordatowi..Nie

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