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What if a club said: "The whole world should join us, and enrol children before they are old enough to decide for themselves. Furthermore, a women must produce the maximum number of new members, even if this kills her. After all, her body doesn't belong to her. It belongs to us." ...Naturally, people would see this as a power grab, so that such a club could not possibly exist. Or could it?

Consider these facts about the Roman Catholic Church.

●  Wherever the state allows it, the Vatican still permits a girl to be married at 14. Before the 1983 revision of canon (church) law, she could be as young as 12. [1]

●  Once married, no divorce is possible for Catholics. Banning divorce can help boost Church membership, as it keeps open the possibility of more children. A Vatican-friendly Polish politician admitted that, “Divorce and the accompanying circumstances ... put a brake on procreation and contribute to reducing the birth rate.” [2]

●  Annulments can provide a partial escape from a marriage by pretending that it was invalid, but they prevent remarriage in the Church. For the Vatican they can be a safety valve by helping it retain the independent-minded well-to-do, who might otherwise leave the Church. However, for most people in poor countries annulments are unaffordable. As a Philippino quipped, “You know, it’s only about 10,000 or 15,000 pesos to hire a hit man to kill your spouse — much less than an annulment,” [3]

●  The Vatican opposes sex education. [4]

●  It also spreads lies about condoms. Cardinals (and by implication, the pope) talk about nonexistent micropores, Benedict XVI claimed that condoms increased the problem of AIDS [5] and Polish school children have been told that “a condom can cause constriction to the penis, cutting off the blood supply, which can lead to lifelong impotence.” [6]

● The Vatican condemns every easy and effective method of contraception. Archbishop Zygmunt Zimowski even lied to the World Health Organisation by claiming that emergency contraception causes abortion. [7] However, medical authorities in both Europe and the US say that it prevents fertilisation. [8] So do IUDs. [9]

● Many Catholic organisations also spread scare stories about imaginary risks connected with both abortion and contraception, ignoring the fact that both of these are major life-savers for women. [10] Vatican lies about medical facts have cause it difficulties even at its own conferences whenever scientists have refused to be censored by the Church. [11]

● The Holy See (Vatican) has not signed the UN convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women. Poland signed it in 2012, but when it finally ratified it three years later, the bishops warned about “Poland’s future demography”. They realise that abused women are likely to produce more new members for the Church. [12] The Vatican has also opposed attempts at the UN to condemn intimate partner violence (IPV, aka wife-beating) [13] despite the fact that this has been ranked 5th in terms of years of life lost to women around the world. [14] It has reportedly even been argued that there is no such thing as violence within marriage because it's a sacrament. [15]

●  Pope Pius XII forbade Catholics to sacrifice the foetus in order to save the life of the mother. [16] And the Vatican still does everything it can to prevent life-saving abortions to pregnant women — including a nine-year-old rape victim who had no chance of surviving her pregnancy with twins. [17] To whitewash its brutal policies, the Vatican has launched a campaign, complete with a hastily-manufactured saint, to try to overcome public opposition. [18]

●  Following the Blessed Paul VI, the Vatican teaches “the conjugal covenant of irrevocable personal consent.” In plain language this is marital rape. [19]

Connect the dots and you get a picture of young girls who know nothing of contraception when they are married off for the rest of their lives. They are expected to endure unlimited childbearing and possibly violent husbands and may even be subjected to marital rape that is blessed by the Church.

Is there some other term for this than sexual slavery?

Further reading

To see many of these policies in action, read Amnesty International's 2014 report On the Brink of death: Violence against women and the abortion ban in El Salvador   


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