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Woodcut claiming Passau Jews tried to ritually kill Christ (1477)

Here are the title and captions of the top row of pictures. The original has further text. See also Barbara Tuchman on the origin of false accusations against the Jews.

A grisly story that took place in Passau, through the Jews, as follows:

Here Cristoff steals eight pieces [wafers] of the sacrament from the church, put it in his pocket. Then held them three days.

Here he dumps the sacrament, which had been undefiled, on the table of the Jews. For this he was given a gulden [golden penny].   

Here the Jews and the synagogue-knocker* bring the sacrament into their synagogue. And the Jews take possession of them.

Here a Jew pierces the sacrament with a stake on their altar. Blood flowed out of it, which the other Jews saw....

* A Schulklopfer was a member who roused the others from sleep in time for the service at the synagogue (Schul) by knocking (klopfen) on a door or window with a little hammer.

Original text:

Ein grawsamlich geschicht: Geschehen zu passaw: Von den Juden als hernach volgt:
Hie stylt Cristoff acht partickel des sacrament aus der kirchen. legt das in sein taschen. Hat die dannen drei tage behalten.
Hye schut er die sacrament den juden auff den tisch die unvermayligt gewesen sein. darum sy im ein gulden gaben.
hye tragen die juden und schulklopffer die sacrament yn ir synagog. und uber antwurtden diye den Juden.
hye stycht Pfeyl Jud das sacrament auff irem altar. ist plut daraus gangen das er und ander juden gesehen haben.


Holzschnitt mit Typendruck, Nürnberg (Christopher Eysengreisshamer), 1477, München Staatsbibliothek

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