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Concordat Watch references

Notes for “France: Higher education concordat (2008)”
Legionaries ‘unreformed’, warns priest (The Tablet, 4 Sept. 2010, p. 38)
Update 2012: Italy won't demand back taxes from Vatican

Prime Minister Monti declined reconsider the tax-exempt status of the church in future austerity measures, saying in December 2011 that the matter was still before the European Commission. It was to decide whether or not the Vatican's commercial enterprises had profited unfairly from Church tax exemptions. However in February 2012, shortly before the EC's verdict was due, he changed his tune. He announced that the Vatican would henceforth pay property tax — without specifying how much — and that, therefore, the EC should not demand that the Vatican make payments for back taxes. In the face of austerity, the exemptions for Church-run businesses and other subsidies to the Vatican are facing unaccustomed criticism from the Italian public.

Titles of some 19th-century divine-right monarchs
Notes for “Austria”
Notes for “Netherlands - Belgium - Luxembourg”
Articles on Cameroon papal visit (17 March 2009)

At a press conference the Cameroonian Archbishop and President of the National Episcopal Conference, Mgr Victor Tonye Bakot, warned the press against "media lynching" after reports that he had set up a fraudulent network to squeeze money out of Cameroonians in the name of preparations to welcome the Pope.

Polish Protocol (1974) : original text
Notes for German church charities
Notes for Trinity-of-the-Mountains Concordat 1999
Property tax relief for the Church: EU takes Italy to court
The Church's accounts: here's how much it costs us
Tax crusade marches on the holy hotels
Religious dogma in the classsroom: RE classes are worth a billion
Religion and democracy
God's tourists: 5 billion Euros a year
Church uses Public Money for the Common Good : Italy should be grateful
Charity : The other side of our Donations
The Secrets of the Vatican Bank
Notes for “The Pope, Concordat and Holocausts”
Notes for Trujillo's Concordat (1954)
Notes on the Property Commission
Notes for “Clerics influence EU at highest level”
The Quaker bottle
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