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1. “Historiker: Ungarische Bischöfe als KP-Spitzel entlarvt”, ORF, 2006-03-03.  ("Laut einem Bericht der Ungarischen Nachrichtenagentur MIT hat der Historiker Krisztian Ungvary erneut namhafte Vertreter der katholischen Kirche als ehemalige Mitarbeiter des kommunistischen Geheimdienstes entlarvt.")

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6. “Political deal lets Vatican in on new Dominican Republic constitution”, Concordat Watch.

7. “Hungary: bill on family protection submitted to Parliament”, European Pro-choice Network, 2011-12-05.

8. “Hungary’s Government to Launch Anti-Abortion Campaign”, Wall Street Journal, 2011-05-05.

9. “Hungary sponsors bold pro-life campaign with EU money - Eurocrats enraged”, Life Site News, 2011-06-15. 

10.  “Government pressing ahead with religion classes at all schools support for Hungarian-language nurseries in neighboring countries”, Politics Hungary, 2012-04-23.

11. “In Recession-Hit Hungary, Churches Take Over State Schools”, Eurasian Review, 2011-09-09.

12. “Concordat on finance (1997) : text”, Concordat Watch.

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15. Dan Bilefsky, “Hungarian News Media Fight Laws of Silence”, New York Times, 2013-03-19.



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