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Notes for Faith-based social services

1. Susan Goering, “No state funds in church coffers”, Baltimore Sun, 2002-12-31.

2. Charitable Choice: first results from three states, Center, IUPUI (Campus). Center for Urban Policy and the Environment, 2003, p. 94.

Our research suggests that states do not have the resources to monitor for constituionsl compliance, and that many, if not most, congregational leaders do not have sufficient constitutional competence to ensure constitutionally appropriate program implementation.

3. Executive Order 13279 of 2002-12-12.

4. “Wisc. Catholic Diocese Will Fire Employees Using State-Mandated Birth Control Services”, Life Site News, 2010-08-12.

5. “Promoting Schools’ Catholic Identity Takes First Steps in San Francisco”, Cardinal Newman Society, 30 December 2014-12-30

6. Frank Bruni, “Lessons in Catholic Judgment”, New York Times, 2014-05-10.


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