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Notes for “Polish Concordat, 1993”

1. Ryszard M. Zając, "Konkordatowi - Nie!" [no date, but before the ratification of the concordat in 1993].,1342/q,Konkordatowi..Nie

2. Ryszard M. Zając, "Interpelacja Zająca o respektowaniu norm Watykanu", 6 June 1995.,2985/q,Interpelacja.Zajaca.o.respektowaniu.norm.Watykanu

3. Andrzej Dominiczak, Halina Postek and Barbara Stanosz, “The outline of problems regarding freedom of conscience and belief, human rights and freedoms, the separation of church and state and equality in today’s Poland: Letter to the European Union”, Warsaw, 15 March 2001, On behalf of the Polish Humanist Federation and Polish Humanist Association.  

Cardinal Tauran, the architect of many concordats, has said that, to talk of "separation" of church and state is "not correct" and one should rather characterise them as being "distinct". "Diritti dei cittadini - a Roma un convegno sul 'Modello Americano nelle relazioni tra chiesa e stato'", 15 January 2009.

4. Father Adam Boniecki interviewed by Tygodnik Powszechny, "Co w nowym konkordacie jest szczególnie ważne?" ("What in the new concordat is particularly important?"), Wiadomósci, 19 March 2006.,1704,1319956,text.html

5. Piotr Mazurkiewicz, "Autonomy of the Church and freedom of religion in Poland", [undated, but 1999 is the last date mentioned], p. 11

6. Ocena zgodności konkordatu z konstytucją z 2 kwietnia 1997 r. dokonana przez prof. Jerzego Wisłockiego (24 kwietnia 1997 r., Poznań), (Assessment of compliance with the Constitution the Concordat of 2 April 1997 made by prof. George Wislocki,
24 April 1997, Poznan).,3029 

7. Konferencja Episkopatu Polski (Polish Bishops Conference), "Instrukcja dla księży dotycząca małżeństw konkordatowych" ("Guide to priests for concordat marriages"), 12 November 1998, #19.

19. Immediately before the celebration of the concordat marriage the contracting parties, in the presence of witnesses, confirm to the priest who will assist at the marriage their willingness to produce civil effects of canonical marriages, making the signatures in the right place [....]

8. Ryszard M. Zając, "Konkordatowi - Nie!" [no date, but before the ratification of the concordat in 1993].,1342/q,Konkordatowi..Nie

9. Donald Snyder, "Echoes of Poland's Jewish past", National Catholic Reporter, 26 December 2008.

10. "Jewish groups ask Vatican to punish Polish priest", AP, 29 June 2011.

11. "Address of John Paul II to the prelate auditors, officials and advocates of the Tribunal of the Roman Rota", 28 January 2002.

Discussed by Jennifer J. Dugan, "Pope John Paul II advises lawyers & judges to refuse divorce cases", no date.

12. Anna M. Wróbel, "Mediation In Poland", May 2007.

13. "Powstanie komisja ds. zwrotu majątków kościelnych", Wprost, 19 November 2008.

14. Bronisław Geremek, Pierwsze czytanie rządowego projektu ustawy o ratyfikacji konkordatu między Stolicą Apostolską i Rzecząpospolitą Polską, (First reading of the government bill on the ratification of the concordat between the Holy See and the Polish Republic), 12 December 1997.

15. Sprawozdanie Komisji Nadzwyczajnej do rozpatrzenia projektu ustawy o ratyfikacji Konkordatu między Stolicą Apostolską a Rzecząpospolitą Polską (14 marca 1995 r., Warszawa), (Report from Special Commission to examine the draft law on ratification of the Concordat between the Holy See and the Republic of Poland, 14 March 1995, Warsaw).,2977

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